Convincing therapeutic success at:

  • Wound healing disturbances caused by diabetes mellitus, pemphigus foliaceus, flea saliva allergy, decubitus caused by paraplegia
  • Wound healing disturbances caused by mixed infections and resistances of infectious mikroorganismer against medication
  • Treatment of local, itching and weeping hot spots
  • Otitis externa caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Benefits of the treatment

  • Penetrates deep into hidden wound areas (caverns, abscess and seroma cavities)
  • Excellent compliance; pain-free treatment, no anesthesia necessary
  • No side effects observed
  • Very good tissue regeneration and low scarring; no damages in deeper layers of skin

*** Exhibition dates: 16th-18th January 2020 - Leipziger Tierärztekongress, Leipzig